Gracefully ageing silver foxes – Aesthetics for men

Gone are the days where beauty tips, trends, products and aesthetician visits were deemed feminine and for-women- only. When we think of gracefully ageing men, celebrities who are in their fifties and sixties that continue to look sharp, fresh-faced, and sophisticated come to mind. Many continue to have a youthful looking face and body despite […]

Non Surgical Face Lift

Activate your skin’s hidden collagen with HIFU DOUBLO No Surgery, No Downtime Unlike other laser or radiofrequency treatments that have their limitations, the HIFU DOUBLO facelift and skin tightening procedure is designed to produce collagen and tighten the deep skin layers that are usually addressed with cosmetic facelift surgery. This non-invasive procedure tightens and lifts […]


Gentle Skin Rejuvenation with CUTERA EXCEL V™ CUTERA EXCEL V™ is an advanced and award-winning aesthetic laser from the US that delivers non-invasive precision treatments for a number of skin concerns, from superficial and deep vascular conditions to rosacea. Who should go for this treatment? The pain-free Excel V laser fights against most skin problems […]