Non Surgical Face Lift

Activate your skin’s hidden collagen with HIFU DOUBLO

No Surgery, No Downtime
Unlike other laser or radiofrequency treatments that have their limitations, the HIFU DOUBLO facelift and skin tightening procedure is designed to produce collagen and tighten the deep skin layers that are usually addressed with cosmetic facelift surgery. This non-invasive procedure tightens and lifts sagging skin without the need for downtime. It is a safe and targeted medical treatment that will not harm the surrounding skin.
In addition to non-surgical facelifts, the advanced equipment from Korea can be used for tightening, rejuvenation, eyebrow lifting, jowl lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, and body shaping.

How does it work?
Upon consultation and a thorough skin evaluation with a doctor, an individualised course of treatment will be designed for optimal results based on the patient’s skin condition. The 45 minutes’ procedure is well tolerated as a topical numbing cream will be applied prior to treatment, minimising any discomfort. There may be minor irritation and redness, which typically lasts from 0 to 3 days. Most patients return to work the next day, as make-up can be applied.
During the procedure, the DOUBLO delivers gentle heat energy deep into the skin via a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) with double pulse technology to treat ageing and sagging skin without causing irritation or damage to the skin’s surface. This activates the skin’s natural regenerative response without surgery or damaging the surface of the skin. The DOUBLO sends a thermal reaction to the skin cells, promoting them to step up collagen and elastin production. As a result, the skin will begin to lift and tone over time.

What are the results?
The skin is lifted, tightened and revitalised, resulting in a firm and youthful looking face and body. Some patients may see immediate results while others may see the lifting and toning effect gradually over a period of 3 to 4 months when collagen renewal takes place. As the collagen-building process continues, further improvements can be seen up to 6 months following a HIFU DOUBLO procedure.

Future touch-up treatments can help keep pace with the skin’s ageing process. Most patients typically need one treatment; however, some may benefit from more than one treatment (depending on the skin laxity and the body’s own biological response to the ultrasound and collagen-building process).

Written by Dr Jonathan Yong,
Medical Director of The Wellness Suite, an SMG Clinic