Chin Fillers

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation For those who desire a more prominent and shapelier V-line, to balance the face and improve symmetry, fillers are a possible solution. Chin fillers provide a temporary and non-invasive alternative to address minor aesthetic improvements, that could previously only be done in a plastic surgery augmentation procedure. It is comparably cheap, minimally […]

Ageing Gracefully – Aesthetics for Men

Gracefully ageing silver foxes – Aesthetics for men Gone are the days where beauty tips, trends, products and aesthetician visits were deemed feminine and for-women- only. When we think of gracefully ageing men, celebrities who are in their fifties and sixties that continue to look sharp, fresh-faced, and sophisticated come to mind. Many continue to […]

Eye Rejuvenation

Eye Rejuvenation

The earliest signs of aging are seen around the eyes – pigmentation, crow-feet and under-eye wrinkles, bulging eye bags or saggy upper and lower lid tissues. Apart from the genetic predisposition, lack of prevention from UV and other oxidative damage like smoking or excessive drinking can lead to accelerated aging of these tissues. Additionally, this area of the face is extremely dynamic and can further accelerate wrinkle formation, droopiness and bulges.